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This is my original Timber Wolf drawn on (11.7 x 16.5 inch) off white smooth heavy weight pad. Drawn in graphite pencil and coloured polychromos pencil.


Timber wolves are often called "gray" wolves, they aren't always gray. For the most part, they are brownish-gray in coloration, with some yellowish-beige elements to their underbellies and faces. However, they also frequently have black, brown and white fur. I have used my brown and orange tones of pencils to the wolf and I think it looks amazing.


This portrait has taken me over 2 weeks to complete and to achieve the thickness to the coat. I have created so many layers and colours to give the thickness and fluffy look to his coat , you can almost run your fingers through his fur!


  • The portrait is framed in black wood size 310 x 410 mm
  • Timber wolf comes with a signed Cerificate of Authenticity
  • The Portrait will be sent flatboxed securely protected 
  • Postage is extra 

Timber Wolf

  • The portrait is sprayed with a sealant, which guards away UVA light and any smudging of the pencil.  It is always advised to hang away from strong sunlight, as I cant guarantee if wouldnt fade with years of  UVA rays.

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